Gearhart Crossing

Historic Business Opens Fresh with Help from SBDC

Molly Lowenberg returned to the area after 20 years and established a development company, purchased a corner building on Pacific Way, and opened Gearhart Grocery. After running the business for six years with low profits, and unable to find a buyer for the business, she and her husband, Terry, decided to rethink their approach. In March 2017, they reopened the business as a pub, deli and grocery store.

Throughout this process, Molly turned to the SBDC for support and guidance. Through the Small Business Management Program and her SBDC Adviser, David Reid, she learned how to better track and manage her finances, how to create and establish the new brand, and how to be a better manager. All of this has had a notable impact on her employees, customers and the business.

“We were in a unique situation, opening a new business in place of something that the community knew,” said Molly. “David, is always there to answer any questions. This helped immensely.”

The business is now thriving heading into summer.

“Without David and SBDC this transition and journey would have been almost impossible.”

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