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Local Centers, A Statewide Network of Support

The Oregon Small Business Development Center Network provides advising, training, online courses and resources for businesses throughout our state. Our 19 conveniently-located Centers and 44 locations assist business people like you in every aspect of business development and management.

Oregon’s SBDCs deliver our services to anyone who owns or operates a business or is planning to start a business. We work with businesses in every industry and at every stage of growth, from startups to well-established companies, from one employee to 500. In addition to no-cost confidential advising, we offer training and online courses that cover a wide range of business topics.

The Oregon Small Business Development Network was launched in 1983 and is part of the America’s Small Business Development Centers national network. The Oregon Network is a well-established partnership between 17 Oregon community colleges, two state universities, the U.S. Small Business Administration and the Oregon Business Development Department.

Small business is a driver of Oregon’s economic success, enriching our communities and providing jobs throughout the state. We provide the services that support this success. We’ve been there. We understand the challenges and rewards that come from operating a small business. Through these lessons, we can help others be successful.

As we continue to grow, we leverage the strengths of each of our centers, providing services to all corners of Oregon so that we can promote and secure success in every community and in every sector of our economy.


Mark Gregory

State Director

About the Oregon Small Business Development Center Network

19 Centers

19 Centers spread out all over Oregon. Easy to find and all can help.

$64 million in Capital Infusion

Oregon SBDC helped businesses across Oregon receive over $64 million in capital infusion.

44 Locations

Largest provider of business assistance in Oregon (by clients served).

5,148 clients in 2016

We had 5,148 clients in 2016 a project more in 2017. Come see how we can help you.

987 new jobs created in 2016

987 new jobs created by clients in 2016. Helping provided a healthy economy.

328 new business starts

We had 328 new business starts in 2019 spanning across all of Oregon.

No matter how long you’ve been in business, it doesn’t mean you can’t change or learn new things. The folks at the SBDC have been invaluable for that.
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From our intensive Small Business Management Program cohort-based classes to workshops on new laws, HR and emerging marketing trends, we have the classes you need to help start and grow your business. It all starts by connecting with your local center.