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Success Stories

mudsharksmallMudshark Studios

Mudshark Studios LLC is fresh off of their Olympics debut where the ceramic production company created foot mold plaques of 13 Team USA athletes for a New York advertising company. Their work appeared in Citibank ads in build up to the 2012 London Games.

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PebbleShotPebble Smart

Keith Jin, creator of Pebble Smart™ Doggie Doorbell makes it his mission “to bring more enjoyment to dog lovers and their dogs.” A creative spark, led to his innovative product that eliminates a stressor in dog owners’ livesdoggies scratching on the door to go in and out. Keith, a Eugene resident and software engineer, solved a problem in his own life, and now solves the same problem for people across the country and beyond. Just over a year ago, with the help of the Lane SBDC (Small Business Development Center) Keith launched Pebble Smart LLC, a pet products business.

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Nutcase2SmallNutcase Helmets

“Everything is changing so much, on so many fronts. So this [Grow Oregon] was really the start of doing any thought-through marketing plan work,” says Philip, “It’s been a huge help to get to where we are now.” Nutcase Helmets is well on its way for future growth including new product lines and securing more distributors worldwide.

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Wahoo Films Wahoo Films Celebrating Success

Michelle Alvarado started Wahoo Films four years ago, while working full-time running a high school film department. Since then, she’s built Wahoo into a cutting-edge video production company.


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