Oregon Small Business Development Center Network

LivePlan Business Planning Software

LivePlan is the world’s leading software for creating business plans, and it’s now available to OSBDCN clients thanks to the partnership between the Oregon Small Business Development Center Network and Palo Alto Software.

Many of these valuable resources are available for businesses that register with an advisor at their local Business Development Center. And LivePlan’s features enhance the advising relationship by giving the client the option of allowing the advisor into their online LivePlan account to post comments and assist in developing a strong business plan.

Here are some of the other great features of LivePlan:

Easy, error-free financials guaranteed

Write your whole plan without ever having to look at a spreadsheet—in less time than you thought possible. LivePlan simply asks you questions about your business, and you plug in the answers. Built-in formulas make the financials simple to create, and LivePlan does the math for you.

Illustrate your financials with automatic charts

Visuals make your plan easier to digest and more credible. So LivePlan can automatically create charts for you based on the financial information you've already input.

Full financials for a complete business plan

LivePlan includes all the financial tables a lender or investor expects to see, and they all link together. You input your data, and it's pulled into the right table automatically.

Include just the information you need

You have complete control over your plan. Maybe you only need to forecast sales and expenses and don't want to worry about cash flow right now. No problem. With a few simple settings, you can easily choose the level of detail to include in your plan. And you can always change it to adjust your plan for any audience.

Create a long-term plan

A typical business plan looks three years into the future, but if you need a longer-range plan, it's simple to create one. LivePlan lets you include five full years of monthly projections, which you can include in your appendix, so you can show investors or lenders exactly how your business will grow.

The online program works with your computer

LivePlan is an online program that works with both Windows and Mac computer operating systems.


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