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The Oregon Small Business Development Center Network provides Hispanic small businesses with business development services, business information, and access to partners also interested in the development and support of Hispanic businesses. 

Our current partners include the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and the Rural Development Initiative (RDI). Below you will find links to the Internal Revenue Service’s workshops in Spanish for small businesses and to web links for the Rural Development Initiative.

IRS Workshop Video Tutorials (en Espanol)

Introduction: Understanding Taxes for Small Businesses—2 minutes
Lesson 1: What You Should Know About Federal Taxes and Your New Business—11 minutes
Lesson 2: What You Need to Know About Federal Taxes and Your New Business—Legal Structure and Filings—25 minutes
Lesson 4: What You Need Know When Operating Your Business from Your Home—19 minutes
Lesson 5: Better Business through Better Records—13 minutes

IRS Links

Spanish Resources Webpages
IRS Video Portal to Spanish
Link to YouTube Videos in Spanish
Spanish Forms and Publications
English-Spanish Glossary of Tax Words and Phrases
Small Business Tax Center in Spanish
Business Taxes for the Self-Employed in Spanish




MERIT is an organization dedicated to helping people who are interested in opening a small business or have just started with their small business. We offer training, resources, individual counseling and long-term support on all stages of business. Our program has three levels with workshops at each step: Explore and Define Your Business, Launch Your Business, and Grow Your Business.


Please contact us for more information! We look forward to your call. Available in Marion, Polk, Yamhill counties.

626 High Street NE Suite 202
Salem OR 97301
(503) 584-7314


Rural Development Initiative Links and Contact Information

Pasos Al Exito Program
For local contacts in areas where RDI provides Pasos Al Exito services, click here.

OSBDCN Links and Contact Information

Resources for Businesses

Local, state, federal, and best-of-the-web resources in Spanish to start and grow your business

Oregon 641 in Spanish

If you want an appointment for free advising at an SBDC close to you, please fill out the form below.

Ayanel Guerrero Deleon

  • College: Blue Mountain CC
  • Phone Number: (888) 441 - 7232
  • Region: Umatilla, Morrow, Baker
  • Expertise and Notes: Spanish Speaking

Jake Jacobs

  • College: Blue Mountain CC
  • Phone Number: (888) 441 - 7232
  • Email:
  • Region: Umatilla, Morrow, Baker
  • Expertise and Notes: Board Formation

Jose Balcazar

  • College: Central Oregon CC
  • Phone Number: (541) 383 - 7290
  • Region: Deschutes, Crook, Jefferson
  • Expertise and Notes: Spanish speaking, restaurant experience

Ofelia Lara

  • College: Clackamas CC
  • Phone Number: (503) 594 - 0738
  • Region: Clackamas
  • Expertise and Notes: Contractor Licensing, New start ups

Jorge Gutierrez

  • College: Clatsop CC
  • Phone Number: (503) 338 - 2402
  • Region: Clatsop
  • Expertise and Notes: Digital Rights; Licensing Agreements; Television Production

Israel Ayala

  • College: Columbia Gorge CC
  • Phone Number: (541) 506 - 6121
  • Region: Sherman, Hood River, Gilliam
  • Expertise and Notes: Start-ups, Social Media

Matt Andresen

  • College: Linn Benton CC
  • Phone Number: (541) 917 - 4929
  • Region: Linn, Benton

Kedma Ough

  • College: Mt.Hood CC
  • Phone Number:(503) 491 - 7658
  • Region: East Multnomah
  • Expertise and Notes: Business Plan, Funding

Leslie Hildula

  • College: Portland CC
  • Phone Number: (971) 722 - 5080
  • Region: Umatilla, Morrow, Baker
  • Expertise and Notes: Spanish Speaking

Noah Brockman

  • College: Portland CC
  • Phone Number: (971) 722 - 5080
  • Region:Multnomah, Washington, Columbia, Yamhill
  • Expertise and Notes: Loan packaging, project management, spanish speaking, finance strategies

Jack Vitacco

  • College: SOU
  • Phone Number: (541) 552 - 8300
  • Region: Jackson
  • Expertise and Notes: Wholesale distribution, sales, marketing, and management

Celso Ledesma

  • College: SOCC
  • Phone Number: (541) 756 - 6866
  • Region: Coos, Curry

Debi DeBord

  • College: TVCC
  • Phone Number: (541) 881 - 5772
  • Email:
  • Region:Malheur, Harney
  • Expertise and Notes: Wine industry, start-ups, multilingual (Spanish, Italian, French)

Nora Aguilar