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Success Stories

    • Lilo’s Hawaiian BBQ

      A taste of the Islands right here in the Gorge! Lilo’s is a restaurant in Hood River that opened in February of 2014 and specializes in authentic Hawaiian BBQ. They have seen immediate success and also have a catering service and utilize 2 mobile BBQ units. In addition they offer consulting to new and existing businesses on obtaining favorable outcomes. Lilo’s now employs 10 part time workers and is pleased with their acceptance in the community and the growth they have experienced. They are...

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    • Wicky Tool

      Let's face it; working on a roof is no fun. It is hard to get paint, tools and hardware up the ladder, once on the roof .there is no level place to set things down. Tracy Wickwire, founder of The Wickwire Tool Company of Hood River has come up with the solution. "We've created the Wicky Tool, which can safely carry paint, tools and hardware; attaches instantly to paint cans, plastic or metal buckets;inctudes a handle and folds down flat for storage:' said Wickwire. The Wicky Tool is made for...

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