Oregon Small Business Development Center Network

Small Business Management

The Small Business Management program (SBM) is a unique combination of classroom learning, one-to-one coaching from an advisor, and networking with one goal: making you and your business more successful. Over a three-year period, the SBM program covers management topics with a customized curriculum and helps you to identify and prioritize outcomes and to develop a plan to achieve them.

Business owners will benefit from classroom sessions by learning from seasoned professionals and their peers who own small businesses. The one-to-one advising provides the small business owner with coaching by a professional business advisor.

There are also business management programs available for specific groups, such as Agricultural Business Management, Small Business Management for Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) Contractors, and Veterans Mean Business, a program for military veterans. For details about what is being offered near you, go to our list of 19 Centers, and then contact the location nearest you.

“…SBM has given me numerous resources that have helped me learn new skills, connect me with new technologies, and network with other business owners. I’ve learned to create and analyze financial statements and make future projections based on setting clear goals. One of the greatest benefits of the SBM program is learning to identify my target audiences and communicate more effectively with them in my advertising.”
—Jennifer Hanson