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Expand your business success with training from RCC SBDC

Our center provides a wide array of business management classes designed to address every business need. Whether you want to get a business idea off the ground or expand and grow an existing business, we offer classes and individualized training that will meet your needs. Our classes cover topics such as:

  • Business Planning
  • Financial Management
  • QuickBooks
  • Employee Supervision and Management
  • Contractor Licensing
  • And more

Our classes are offered at convenient times with some evening classes available. We are your one-stop business management training solution.

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IDEA: You have an idea for a business, but it isn’t off the ground yet. You may have some of the pieces in place or a working plan but aren’t yet in business. This is sometimes also called “pre-venture”.

LAUNCH: Your business is up and running. You may not yet be profitable and things still feel new.

EXPANSION: Your business is generating a consistent source of income and you regularly see new customers. You are looking at new opportunities for your business.

RENEWAL: Business conditions, leadership and other factors can lead to changes in direction. This is a time to look at new processes and big decisions to move the business forward. It is often when businesses pursue new avenues for growth.

EXIT: You are ready to make a big change in the business and exit to new opportunities. Business succession plans need to be identified early to achieve your desired outcomes.

BUSINESS CONCEPT & PRODUCT: Creating and refining your business concept toward products & services that have growth potential and revenue models that propel your business.

CUSTOMER RELATIONS & BRANDING: Finding the right customers, understanding community demographics and building a brand that enhances public relations, marketing and networking are critical to your success.

ORGANIZATION & HUMAN RESOURCES: How your company is structured as a board, employees, partnerships, business processes and legal issues.

OPERATIONS & FINANCE: The operations side of your business, including financials, funding, production and deliveries, IT systems and facilities.

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